VIDLED LED Video Lights

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Q: What is "VIDLED"?
A: VIDLED is the brand name of our highly sophisticated lights which use LED technology. These lights are primarily for on-camera use with video cameras (they simply slide onto the shoe mount of your camcorder), but they can also be used for many different applications of course.

Q: Who uses VIDLED Lights?
A: Our lights are used by consumers, prosumers, and professionals alike.

Q: Do your VIDLED lights include a battery?
A: Yes and No.

The STANDARD series of lights does NOT include a battery pack: You will need to supply an external power source. Any DC power source (min. 6W) with center positive pin (2.1mm x 5.5mm) from 7.2V to 30V will do just fine. We offer several options to power your LED light.
The DELUXE series of lights DO include a battery pack, and are fully self-contained.

Q: How are VIDLED lights different from normal halogen lights?
A: VIDLED lights use high intensity LEDs as their light source. Our lights are fully dimmable without changing color temperature. LEDs last much longer than halogen bulbs do, so you won't experience a blown bulb. And our lights use very little power, so the battery you need to carry is going to be much smaller.
Vidled lights have an even beam pattern.

Q: Is there a Warranty?
A: Yes, VIDLED lights come with a 6 month warranty against manufacturing defects. Abuse and alterations are obviously not covered. We use a very special plastic material blend for our housings. For environmental reasons we make our lights with RECYCLED plastic material. Due to stresses originating from manufacture (including the threaded inserts), small cracks may be present or appear over time. These small imperfections are not covered by our Warranty.

Q: How bright are the lights?
A: Pretty bright! Check out the Specification Pages for detailed samples and specs.

Q: Will water damage my VIDLED?
A: The "standard series" VIDLED lights themselves are quite resistant to water. In fact we did a test by submerging a standard VIDLED light and it worked just fine. HOWEVER, the power supply will not be so forgiving, so we therefore do NOT recommend severe contact with water. Also, saltwater conducts electricity, so saltwater is to be kept away from any VIDLED light. A light splash with rain should pose no problem for standard or deluxe VIDLED lights.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?
A: Yes, we ship to many different countries. Payment is to be made using Paypal or you can call us with your order and credit card details.

Q: So which one should I choose?
A: A good light for indoors is the warmLED; the coolLED and dayLED are good for outdoors, and can be gelled to work well indoors also. The coolLED is brighter than the warmLED and the dayLED. The warmLED can be easily white balanced, providing your camera has this ability. See our sample MOVIE CLIPS to get an idea of the difference between the two lights, warmLED and coolLED. A very good combination is one warmLED AND one coolLED. The design allows them to be bolted together (more on this very soon). This, in effect, gives a VARIABLE COLOR TEMPERATURE LIGHT FIXTURE!! Again, check it out on the MOVIE SAMPLE pages.

Q: How should I clean my VIDLED light?
A: Cleaning should be done carefully, so not to scratch the LEDs. A soft brush, or a damp but clean rag may be used to gently remove any dirt/debris.

Q: What should I do if a have another question, not answered here?
A: best way to contact us is through the feedback form. Check the CONTACT page.


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